The Blaues Band 2020 will not take place!

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, the responsible health authority has prohibited the "Blaues Band der Spree 2020" at Easter.

This includes all national competitions of all age groups and all levels/classes as well as all nine international WDSF competitions (Junior II to Senior III).

We regret this development, but we can more than understand the considerations that led to this conclusion as "force majeure" by the local authorities.

Due to the tight competition calendar, a shift of the "Blaues Band" is not possible. Information about the procedures for the refund of ticket prices and WDSF starting fees will be provided shortly here.


If you purchased online seat tickets, we will refund the amount.

Our ticketing-partner Ticketmaster has already contacted our guests, if contact details were known.

The reimbursement will take place following the agreed reimbursement policy and the general terms and conditions of Ticketmaster to the first ticket purchaser depending on the chosen payment method.

If you paid by credit card the reimbursement will occur automatically to the credit card account that was used during the purchase. This should happen within 60 days from mid-March. You do not need to send the tickets by post nor do you have to fill in any form.


Your individual booking has to be cancelled one by one and thru the person that booked. And thru the same channel you placed your booking.

Holiday Inn Berlin City-West

All direct reservations booked thru the Blaues Band-agreements are cancelable without any fee.

Pre-paid reservations (early booking rate - was bookable until January, 8th) will be refunded.

Mercure Hotel Berlin City West

All reservations booked thru the Blaues Band-agreement are cancelable without any fee.


Beside these a lot of reservations were made thru online-platforms and were agreed out of these before mentioned special arrangements.

With these bookings the terms and conditions of each online-platform were agreed. We cannot comment on this and please inform yourself.

Refund of WDSF starting fees

Almost all WDSF starting fees have already been refunded via PayPal.